Compare Load / Stress Testing Products

Please use below table to compare our load / stress testing products. Features present in the product are marked with an "X". Please click on product's name in the table header to visit its description page.


Load / Stress Testing
Feature Description Reliable Load Tester Advanced HTTP Request Automaton
Execute application from command line or scripts X
Persist settings in a configuration file X
Graphical user interfaceX 
Perform load / stress testing by submitting a pre-defined number of HTTP GET requestsX 
Perform load / stress testing by submitting HTTP GET requests for a pre-defined number of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.X 
Simulate pre-defined number of concurrent users / HTTP connectionsX 
Enforce specific delay between each consecutive HTTP GET requestX 
Log HTTP responses to CSV fileX 
Assign CSV output directoryX 
Persist most recently used CSV output directoryXX
Submit GET HTTP request X
Submit POST HTTP request X
Persist HTTP response to a file with specific extension e.g. JPG X